Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Secret trials, secret prisoners and no right to talk to your MP?

This is not just a hat tip to Anna Racoon, its a fully fledged doffing of the cap! Anna's blog is often informative but this


is a chilling wake up call to anyone with the slightest care for civil liberties and freedom of the individual. if this sort of thing was being practiced in north Korea or Zimbabwe you wouldn't be surprised but here in Britain you would expect the mainstream media to be reporting the way state funded institutions and there represtives are bullying our fellow citizen. the fact that they are not reporting it in anyway says as much of them as it does of the bully's

beneath is a quote from the hansard transcript which certainly lept out at me. for all the faults of out politicians and our system the fact that back benchers are using there committee time over to bringing this to public light is lordable and deserves praise which i usually refrain from bestowing on our "hon & rt hon" friends. if you read one thing today this should be it!


John Hemming MP. "I am not the only one having problems. When I talk to colleagues of all parties, they all find similar problems with the aggressive way in which apparatchiks of the state attempt to ban constituents from talking to MPs. We have judges creating situations where it is made an imprisonable offence to tell an MP that a case exists. I do not think that is right, transparent or accountable"

read the full transcript

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bad news Woolas isn't going to jail!

On our local news this evening the bad news, slime ball disingenuous lying turd Phil woolas (The cunt they took out of scunthorpe) isn't going to be prosecuted for defaming his liberal opposite number at the last election. I was really very very sad indeed to hear it! the man is a scum sucking, lo life moron. who's ministerial carer has to be one of the the least illustrious of all the political pygmies that made up the previous government. quite an achievement in its self given how low a baseline that was. For me the true low point was his stint as immigration minister. where he devoted large amounts of time and our money trying to deign retired Gurkha's the right to come to live here in Britain. while simultaneously allowing immigration of all sorts of undeserving shit kickers who had never done a tap for this country to rage out of control! I wonder how long before his lefty comrades at the beeb find him a well paid production job back in the fold again? after all its the only "proper" job the cretinous twat has ever had. even though its still feeding of the public teat!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


It’s difficult to look back with fondness at George W Bush's presidency of the United States, however as Patrick Kealty used to say in his stand-up routine directed at women, yes girls we men make bad decisions we do, but at least we make a fucking decision! Well the sainted Obama has Clintonesqe qualities (& I don't just mean his secretary of state) which are blossoming daily in terms of the democrats seeming inability to act decisively on foreign policy. We all know the UN is a toothless tiger it has form on sitting with its thumb up its collective fundament while brutality and genocide is practiced, think Darfur, Zimbabwe and the Balkans to name but three.

But would the world's only remaining super power really be sitting passively on the side lines while Gaddafi turns back the tide of rebellion and takes brutal retribution against the rebels if there was a republican in the white house? I doubt it, who would have believed two weeks ago that we would be applauding the French for their Leadership in international affairs? Of course fine words will never be backed up with deeds (they are still french!!!)

I hope that the conflict in Libya is over very soon. It’s a selfish wish, the sooner it’s over the sooner the oil price will begin to fall! But what is glaringly obvious is that the yanks under St Obama and Mrs Bill Clinton are worse than useless on the foreign stage. And the UN and EU are a joke! And the British government have frankly been found wanting as well. So since the world's media have now decamped en-mass to report the bigger and better miseries in Japan it’s safe to say Gaddafi has got away with it! The free world should be so proud.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A new blog from me.

After a long break from blogging I have decided to return. Mainly due to my frustration with many of the people, organizations and institutions with whom we are forced to endure daily in the media thrusting there misguided politically correct drivel down our throats. You see unlike them, I talk to ordinary everyday people everyday, I'm one of them/us, and so I must object to what I see, hear and read so often each day in the news (or what passes for news) in this country .

I find myself in discussion so frequently with people who feel they have no voice and no control over how we are governed and can not comprehend the way things slide out of control in the name of progress, health & safety, social justice, human rights, public health, eco friendliness, and all the other latest woolly minded buzzword festooned fashions and rackets that seems to have infected every aspect of our society. While there seems so often to be no counter to the madness we are expected to endure and pay for at home and abroad. so here I hope you will often find an oasis of sanity in an increasingly mad mad world